Haiti - Jessica Brandi Lifland Photography
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7/2/10 6:05:56 -- port au prince, Haiti
-- 6 month anniversary of the earthquake in Haiti --

Ernst Leo helps out his daughter Therissa Leo, 7 with her homework. Therissa is in the 2nd grade. Since Therissa lost her right arm in the earthquake, she is now learning how to write with her left hand, with the help of her father. The two can be found many evenings sitting on two cinderblocks on the curb outside of their tent.

Ernst Leo and his 7 year old daughter Therissa live in a tent on the street in the Paco area of Port au Prince. Ernst, a working IT professional works with the database at the Haiti Office of National Identification, ONI. Therissa, now in the 2nd grade, was pulled from the rubble of their home in the Delmas neighborhood, two days after the earthquake. She suffered injuries including the loss of her right arm. Ernst's wife and other daughter were not as fortunate. Both died in the earthquake.

Photo by Jessica Brandi Lifland, Freelance

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