lightbox for Christy - Jessica Brandi Lifland Photography

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Cowboy poet Jerry Brooks "Brooksy" lives and works on a small family ranch owned by Allen and Lonnie Levie whose grandparents homesteaded the property about a hundred years ago in the Cleer Creek Canyon on land adjacent to the Fremont Indian State Park known for its Indian pictographs and petroglyphs. Brooksy is the only person living n the property and supervises. She is responsible for everything from maintaining the irrigation to fencing and anything in between. After over 26 years working in the Southern Utah Fuel Co. coal mines she is restricted to light work duty and often Allen Levie hires young men to do the heavy lifting while Brooksy supervises. She lives there with her dog Trooper, her cat Simon and her horse Bart. Sevier, Utah, June 15, 2009.

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