1/11/14 4:24:15 PM -- Oakland, CA, U.S.A  <br />
<br />
The wedding of Patricia Gervasio and Doug Zimmerman at Vessel Gallery in Oakland, California.<br />
<br />
Photo by Jessica Brandi Lifland

I'm absolutely moved to tears. Thank you! Normally, I'm not a fan of b/w photos, but the ones you picked are some of my favorites. I'm so happy we did this. I can't thank you enough. –Daisy

"Thanks so much for the beautiful photo book. Fun to relive that day every time I go through it!"
–Trish Gervasio

 "OMG!! I can't stop messing with them!! I've made my slideshow....am now uploading photos to get printed for the signature book and prints for TJ and Jen. I haven't been working all day!! They look great and I'm super happy! "
- Fiona Tierney Ruddy

“I can not express how thankful we are for your presence at our wedding.. I don't even need to see the pictures to know what an outstanding job you did.. everyone was commenting on you and many asked for your details..so hope you get much more work!!! I hope you had a chance to enjoy yourself as well... and I can't wait to see the pics... sending you big hugs...and much gratitude ..”
- Mark and Lina Fancy Whiting

“GoRGEOUS!! YOU ARE AMAZINGLY TALENTED!!! Your work is just stunning!!...they are gorgeous!!! I love them!!” - Mark and Lina Fancy Whiting

"Yes, the photos arrived safely! However, Anu and I did a doubletake when we saw them. Who were those beautiful people in them?!? We've seen plenty of photos of ourselves where we wished there hadn't been a camera present. You really did a fantastic (!!!!) job and these photos are the jewel in our wedding crown."
- Jason Tuffree

"Thank you sooooooooooo much I love them all, you are the best...wow, we looked at most of the photos and they are amazing. I love them all, I am truly blessed that you took our pictures. Thank you again for being part of our special day."
- Tori Alcala Martini

"Thank you so much for the pics! They are GREAT!! You are the best! Thanks. When are you coming to NY and when are you available to work? I may have people that are interested. Thanks again. I am so happy with the pictures."
- Kerri Bass Herman

"Jessica, these photos are AMAZING. You managed to make all of us look great. And, more importantly, to capture this great day with such fun and creativity. Hats off to you for getting so many wonderful shots, both candid and portrait. You were tireless (downright indefatigable!!). And thanks to Tori for recommending you."
- Heather Rafter

"OMG THEY"RE GREAT!!! THANK YOU! Thank you thank you thank you. If you want me to write a testimonial, I'd be happy to."
- Betty Ray Schardt

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